Week 30 The Final Part

Jesse was sitting in his chair overlooking the National Monument of Bravery in Indianapolis, “The Iron. He thought to himself “If the world weren’t so broken, would peace ever prevail?” This and this only was the question that made people weep and rage. If power hadn’t lay in his hands, the big man would not […]

Week 29 Part 21

“The world will be scarred for long-term construction, designing and damage control.” “This solemn day known as concrete eruption, July 25, 2043.” “The earth’s people are hungry for solutions and anxious as to what may happen next.” “But this disaster is all revolving around one single soul.” “As the polices arrived at the crime scenes […]

Week 28 Part 20

A man strut around angrily and impatiently. “Why can’t he show up?”, he thought. “This button will be pressed.” (This man was the short stalky male that you saw a few stories ago.). As his mind was spinning he was becoming mor anxious and angry. His brain spun and spun. “I’m done, this world is mine!” […]

Week 27 Part 19

“I don’t recall catching  your name.” The recipients of the potential bombing were strolling through the wood discussing things. The oldest and wisest male in the group was getting anxious. “Er-so are you going to tell me about that key aloft in your hand?” “Oh! That key you bombarded me for!”, the second oldest in […]

Week 25 Part 18

“But, I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” The man scrambled throughout the wood when he heard a voice. “Hello”, he called. Suddenly, a youth with the age of  ten or eleven was cantering towards him. Then, a man appeared behind his shoulder. “Oh, hello sir”, “This is my son Jesse.” “H-hello, would you […]

Week 24 Part 17

Was he walking throughout the wood. Or was he seeking a mystery. Was the world going to end or would it spin thankfully if he could just find that darned key! Suddenly, he spotted a critter. It was sort of a mix between a bear and an ape. “What the”, but the man was cut […]

Week 23 Part 16

“Jesse, we should speak.” I sat in front of the piano while my father was springing toward me. “What do you suppose we need to “speak” about”, I exaggerated. “I’m sorry for what I did in the car.” “What an apology for starting world destruction with some “crime boss”, I just love apologies.” I wondered […]

Week 19 Part 15

5:00 pm and two years post Indianapolis wildfire. AUDIO LOG:6205 DESTROY IMMEDIATELY! “And the winner is!”, a man blared from the T.V.“We can’t afford to risk it!” A man in navy blue jeans stood raucously yowling like a cat. “I already have a plan to start the bomb, I can’t turn back now!” “I need […]

Week 18 Part 14

“Wh-what do you mean!”, the boy stuttered. He was about as bamboozled as a goat on astroturf. “Who’s the big man?” “You know very well who he is and you will open your mouth and tell me.” The boy didn’t know what to do, he didn’t have a genuine clue what he was blabbing about! […]

Week 17 Part 13

A man strode towards his yellow taxi at 6:30 am. He had a stride that was calm but said something greater than any words spoken. A second man in his teens called out excited from inside the taxi, “Hey ready to get party planning?” Before he replied he inhaled heavily, “Sure Marty, but first let’s […]