Week 5 Part 4

As I stood in anguish by the side of the river, I heard a faint voice that called “Has anybody seen the creek to the southwest of here?” The voice kept sequencing over and over until the voice was closer than I had expected. As I looked in the direction I had heard it, I saw a middle-aged woman who had fluffy pink glasses and was carrying a sack of bones…I think. “How are you doing Ma’am?” my dad asked. “Just carrying these bones out to the local shelter so ‘em pooches can have something to fixate on” she said.

One thought on “Week 5 Part 4

  1. I’m starting to connect the pieces from one part to the next! I like where you’re going with this and each paragraph gives away just enough details to entice the reader to keep going! Love the characters too! And “fluffy pink glasses” gave me a great visual for this “bone-lady.” I can even hear the voice I would use to read her lines because of the descriptive way you chose to write. Way to go Brody!

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